Gift Baskets/Corporate Baskets & Hampers for all occasions

Ever had that person who is just impossible to buy a gift for, who just has everything they need, or seems to.   Well what about a unique gift basket of H&H Preserves?

Last year the Arcadia (Now Ensemble & Co) in Crookwell NSW took out a full page advertisement in the Goulburn Post to showcase their display holders and to advertise the one late night of Christmas shopping in December 2020.   Yes we only have one night a year when we stay open late so it is always something out of the ordinary and a lot of fun.

As part of that H&H put together Christmas baskets which were very popular with the locals and visitors to the district.

Xmas Baskets Dec 2020

My dearest friend who runs Goulburn Conveyancing in Goulburn NSW decided to give her clients an H&H Gift Basket in 2020 instead of the old favourite of a bottle of something, most often with bubbles.  The response from her clients was wonderful with all who received them, seeking her out to thank her for something a little bit different.  Often real estates, lawyers and such, receive so many corporate Christmas gifts they just hand them off to their staff.  I think all who received these gift basket took them home for the holidays, so that is something!

H&H baskets can be personalised with handmade baked goods, such as White Chocolate and Macadamia cookies, Cranberry & Pistachio Shortbread, or homemade Lavosh style crackers as well as a selection of preserves.

Here is an example of a Mother's Day Hamper which we produced which included the cookies with the preserves.

Sample Mother's day hamper Mar 21

Gift Baskets can be very expensive, so a good way to estimate the cost of our gift baskets is to use a cost of about $8.50 - $10.00 per preserve, depending upon which ones are included, which covers a standard basket/hamper tray and decoration.  For example, if you had 4 preserves then the basket would be about $40 plus delivery or postage.  If a more expensive display is requested, such as a wooden box rather than basket then this would be an additional cost.

If the delivery is within 100klm of my location then it would be delivered with a $10 flat fee, over 100klm would be a delivery or postage charge to be calculated.

Christmas in July 2021

2020 was a year where everything was different even Christmas.   Parts of Sydney were in COVID lockdown, there were restrictions on the number of guests who could attend a residence and generally it was not the Christmas we hoped to have.   There is a thought that Christmas in July may be a little bigger this year in more temperate parts of the country, such as where i live in the Central Tablelands.   We are known to have some snow not every year but who knows.....

Snow in Central Tablelands

Last year I conjured up some lovely Christmas cakes for a couple of locals who love my cakes.  These cakes can be made in an individual size and included in a gift basket for a special Christmas in July gift.

Xmas Cakes 2020So keep us in mind for that little something different for a birthday, corporate or any occasion gift basket or hamper.

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