Half Sour Pickles

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Half Sour Pickles


2 litres water
60 grams salt
1 cup white vinegar
enough large gherkins to fill 2 off  500ml jars (with lids)
2 cloves crushed then chopped garlic
tablespoon celery seeds
tablespoon mustard seeds
tablespoon dill seeds
2 tablespoons pickling mix
teaspoon black peppercorns
fresh dill, few sprigs finely chopped
chilli (fresh) - optional - thinly sliced


ensure jars are perfectly clean / sterilised
cut gherkins in half (lengthwise)
cut gherkins in half again (so now 1/4) lengthwise
add salt to water and ensure dissolved
add vinegar to water and mix
set aside

holding each jar on its side, slide 1/4 gherkins lengthwise into jar, 
depending on size of gherkins, you should get 2 levels

add half of spices into each jar
pour water/salt/vinegar into each jar filling to top
place lids on jars and shake / rotate ensuring spices mixed thru
place in refrigerator, leave to 2 -3 weeks before eating (can be eatned after 10-12 days)

Will keep for months in the refigerator
When serving ensure a clean utensil is always used to extract from the storage jar, otherwise you can contaminate them.

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