Preparations Begin for the new season Harvest

The sun has decided to shine for the last couple of days and it was time to break the seedlings out of the Greenhouse and let them bask in the sun - for a while at least.   These are the Zucchini seedlings planted up from their seed raising mix and in a couple of months they will become the next batch of delicious ZUCCHINI PICKLES.

Zucchini Seedlings planted up from Seed Raising Mix

The new season seedlings - Tomatoes, Capsicum, Gherkin Cucumbers and Beetroot having a day in the sun.  Soon they will be ready to plant up from their seed raising mix so they can get cracking to be ready for planting in mid November.

New Season Seedlings - Oct 21

The GARLIC is coming along and despite all the endless rain, seems to be holding up well.   Plenty of Garlic to use in the SWEET CHILLI SAUCES.  I just joined a Facebook page for Australian Garlic Growers to get as much information from other growers on tips and tricks and understanding what is going on with your garlic crop and different harvesting times depending on your location.   It has been really helpful in understanding the problems Garlic can have, in different growing conditions, so encourage anyone who is interested in growing their own garlic to have a look at the page it is great.

Garlic Growing _Oct 21

Meanwhile, their less cold tolerant counterparts the CHILLI SEEDLINGS still have pride of place in the loungeroom window, on their heat pad, growing ever so slowly.   Very pleased that the seeds saved from last year's harvest have germinated brilliantly.

Chilli Seedlings in the Lounge Room Window

Just planted out some Rhubarb plants, which are sharing the Asparagus patch.  Have a new product in development but we will need a couple years to get the Rhubarb to full production.   The guard dog is making certain all is well and no interlopers go undetected.

Rhubarb Plantings Oct 21

Things are progressing well and all on track for next years harvest.  We just need a whole lot more sunny days, and warmer weather and whilst we always need rain, maybe just not quite as much and a little less hail and hurricane winds would be appreciated.



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