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Gherkin Relish 250ml

Can you remember the Sao with cheese and gherkin relish…. well maybe that is just me because I am just that old. This is a different take on the store-bought Gherkin Relish, with a more savoury flavour which the Pickled Gherkins (see our separate product offering) bring to the mix. Sometimes with a hint of chilli from the pickling process, but not overpowering, and the flavour of celery which combines for a wonderfully different relish. Use on your Charcuterie Board, in a Ploughman's lunch, or to add a zing to your sandwiches.

Beetroot Relish 250ml

This sweet and savoury relish can be used in so many ways. Divine with Goat’s cheese, cream cheese or any cheese you love on crackers. Brilliant on Sandwiches or Burgers. Use with roasted meats instead of Cranberry Sauce.