Spring has finally Sprung !

We have all come out of hibernation, the long cold and very wet winter is behind us, hopefully.  We have had snow a couple of times this year, and of course, yet another Covid lockdown.

Some have found it all just a bit overwhelming all this confinement!

However this last weekend we were one of the very lucky Shires to be allowed to come out of lockdown and happily it co-incided with some of the warmest weather we have had for many a month.

The trees are now starting to bud up or get their new leaves and so all thoughts turn to preparing the gardens and the next harvest.

The greenhouse is full of the seeds awaiting their little green heads to pop through the seed raising mix.  The Chilli seeds, raised from seeds saved from my harvest last year, have been sitting on their warming pad, in the sunniest spot in a window and like magic they have germinated in record time.

You always know it is spring time when we start to harvest the first of the Asparagus, and this year looks to be a record crop.

This is one morning's harvest!

The asparagus patch is looking good and will continue to give a crop each day for some months.

The Garlic crop which should be ready Nov/Dec are coming along wonderfully and the peas, as always, will give us a bumper crop to freeze for use throughout the year.

The sun is shining the weather is warming and it is a brand new day.

Everyone enjoy the beautiful spring weather wherever you are.

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