Welcome to our H&H Preserves....Our Story

Hello, I'm Veronica and I live in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales.   I share my country haven with wonderful husband Steve and our two ferocious attack dogs, Rosie and Georgie.

I was a city girl, Steve was raised on a farm, but once we moved to the country about 12 years ago, we both channelled our German and Irish farming ancestors and found the greatest joy in planting a seed, seeing it grow and harvesting our own produce.  We discovered the wonderful Diggers Club site where we learnt so much about heirloom varieties of vegetables.  We try wherever we can to grow heirlooms so that we don't  lose those wonderful true tasting varieties of vegetables.

Our range of preserves grew from the realisation that, though it is wonderful to grow and harvest kilos of fresh produce, the two of us, and the attack dogs, can only consume so much.

So what can we do with those kilos and kilos of zucchinis and tomatoes that we have grown and all ripen at the same time.  Preserve them, of course, in as many and varied ways as we can. Our range of preserves are made from our produce grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals, always with the environment, our friends the bees and a wish to eat healthy fresh produce, in our mind.  We also take the bounty of our friends, neighbours, local farmers and suppliers.

We have over the years dealt with one in a hundred year droughts, which seem to happen more often then the name suggests! Incredibly hot summers for our temperate climate, fires and endless choking smoke and at the other end of the spectrum unexpected snow falls.

With plenty of hard work and a great deal of satisfaction we have built an oasis for our little family and everyday is full of new discoveries and there is simply never nothing to do.   Our gardens are a souce of endless joy and each season brings its own beauty.  Every discovery of a new native bird which has taken up residence is always a reason for celebration.

With the growing popularity of our preserves we have extended our vegetable garden to make sure that we are able to offer our range of preserves well after the harvest is done.

We hope that you get an opportunity to try our delicious preserves and enjoy them just as much as we enjoy growing and making them.   I really hope that you find our journey enjoyable and we will be able to learn and enjoy everything gardening and preserving together.

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